Defending Against Serious DUI Consequences

More than any other criminal charge, driving under the influence (DUI) seems to hit people from all walks of life. Alcohol consumption is common for people of all socioeconomic backgrounds, and the .08 blood alcohol limit is low enough to include people who are not impaired and wouldn’t think twice about driving.

Although DUI charges are common, they are also quite serious, with jail time, fines and severe damage to your reputation as potential consequences. It is important to work with Spokane criminal defense lawyers who have the experience and skill to defend you against these charges.

Since 1980, the lawyers of Maxey Law Office PLLC have been defending Washington clients against drunk driving charges. Too much is at stake to trust your DUI defense to a law firm with less experience. We know what evidence to look for in DUI defense cases, which includes:

  • Illegal stops
  • Illegal search and seizure
  • Breath and blood test errors
  • Problems with roadside tests
  • Illegal questioning of a suspect

In many cases, the arresting officer will make some kind of a critical error or civil rights violation that will render the evidence obtained inadmissible in court. Without adequate evidence, the District Attorney cannot get a conviction. In other cases, bargaining and alternative sentencing options can help minimize the personal damage of a conviction.

Building A Strong Strategy For Your Defense

We take a strategic approach to DUI defense. First, we analyze the facts of the case and the quality of state’s evidence to determine the best approach. Then, we use every tool available to us to help you get the best outcome possible.

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