Experienced Criminal Defense Is Crucial for Repeat Dui Offenses

Anyone in Spokane who drives while under the influence of alcohol will do so knowing that the consequences could be severe. Even a conviction on a first DUI offense can lead to a jail term, community service, license suspension, and more. When it comes to repeat drunk driving offenses, the punishments are significantly more severe, and having an experienced criminal defense attorney to protect an accused person’s legal rights is crucial.

In Washington state, any driver who is deemed a repeat DUI offender can be charged with a felony when it comes to a fourth charge within 10 years. This is called the look-back period, and a bill to extend that period has recently been cleared by the Washington Senate. It will allow prosecutors to look at previous DUI offenses during the previous 15 years.

The Senator’s proposed provision includes additional measures to discourage drunk driving. The new bill will see increased fines for DUI drivers who are caught with minor passengers. This bill will now go back to the state House where a similar version had already been approved. If it passes the final vote, it will move on to the governor.

Drunk driving laws are extremely technical, and it requires extensive knowledge of Washington state laws and constitutional laws. A Spokane criminal defense attorney who knows police procedures and the complexities of medical and scientific evidence as well as how to best utilize those in a defense strategy is vital. A lawyer will protect the driver’s legal rights throughout all stages of legal proceedings and work to get charges reduced or dismissed.

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