Motorcycle Safety Is a Two-Way Street

When two cars are involved in a fender-bender or low-speed collision, most of the damage is done to the cars. When one of the vehicles is a motorcycle, sadly that is hardly the case.

Even small mistakes can lead to major injuries to motorcyclists, which is why biker safety should be a priority for everyone on the road. Here are a few things cyclists and car drivers can do to help make road sharing safer for all:

Learning to Be Mindful of Bikes

Many drivers simply forget about motorcycles, and with good reason. Because of Spokane’s heavy snow every winter, many bikers take months off at a time. This means cars get used to roads where the only thing to look for are other cars.

Keeping motorcycles in mind when driving means actively looking for these lower-profile vehicles. Cars can do that by:

  • Double checking before turning onto a road.
  • Keeping phones stowed.
  • Giving bikes their entire lane space.
  • Clearly signaling all turns and merges.
  • Turn lights on during cloudy days or bad weather.

By staying predictable and deliberate when driving, cars can help motorcyclists anticipate their actions and react accordingly.

Being Respectful Riders

Motorcycles are faster, turn better, and hug the road more than cars. This leads many riders to drive faster than they would in a car and to attempt maneuvers around slower vehicles.

Bikers need to showcase good riding habits to help drivers. Habits like:

  • Riding a bike suited to their abilities.
  • Maintaining reasonable (and legal) speeds.
  • Wearing bright clothing and helmets.
  • Not tailgating.
  • No lane-splitting.

It’s important for bikers to exhibit good riding habits, so cars aren’t surprised by their presence on the highways.

Dealing With Accidents

By being mindful of each other, bikers and cars may be able to cut down on the number of accidents that happen on Washington roads every year.

However, if you’re on your bike and an accident does happen, an attorney can be a valuable resource for your recovery.

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