Social Security Disability Program Could Help Financially

Accidents happen at any time, and so do debilitating illnesses. When this happens, the victim might be robbed of his or her ability to earn an income, which is most people’s greatest asset. Thankfully, the Social Security Disability Insurance program assists by replacing a portion of the income of people in Washington state and elsewhere who are unable to go back to work. However, specific criteria must be met to be eligible for SSDI benefits.

Some of the aspects that will be considered by the Social Security Administration include the applicant’s age and his or her level of earnings in the years before the debilitating injury or illness. Also, the contributions paid through taxes pursuant to the Federal Insurance Contributions Act. Typically,¬†eligibility requirements¬†include at least five years of tax contributions during the 10 years immediately preceding the injury or illness; however, exceptions exist for young workers who have not yet worked for five or 10 years.

SSDI is funded by taxes paid by employers and employees. When wages are paid, each worker pays 6.2% of his or her earnings to Social Security, and the employer contributes an equal amount. The accumulated funds are then used to provide financial assistance to qualifying individuals whose injuries or illnesses prevent them from earning an income.

Before proceeding with an application for Social Security Disability Insurance, it makes sense to consult with a Washington state attorney who is experienced in this field of the law. A lawyer can explain the criteria, exclusions, and limitations, and assist with the navigation of the application for SSDI benefits payments. Such guidance and support can increase the chances of receiving maximum benefits.

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