Do You Have Parenting Plans in Place for the Summer Holiday?

Divorced parents in Spokane and other cities in Washington are challenged to come up with workable parenting plans for the summer holidays every year. As children grow older and the circumstances of their parents, plans typically need modification each year. The best way to tackle this issue is well in advance. Fortunately, guidelines and tips are available for parents who can communicate and work together to ensure a fun summer for parents and children.

For many families, it works well for the parents to spend alternating summers with the children. However, birthdays or other family celebrations during the vacation might require special arrangements if they are to be spent together as a family. It is also a good idea to keep in mind that the dynamics of each family are unique and that guidelines should not be followed blindly. Unique circumstances include the other spouse needing permission to take the children out of the country, which would require signatures on travel documents and exchanging contact details and addresses of destinations.

Advisers suggest that children’s input must be considered as soon as they are old enough, and efforts must be made to accommodate their interests in parenting plans. On the other hand, parents must be understanding if children seem apprehensive about changed routines and spending extended periods away from familiar surroundings. The flexibility of both parents is also crucial, especially when a parent has remarried, and children must spend their summer break with a mom or dad’s new family.

Other issues to address include whether and, if so, how vacation costs will be shared, and for both parents to avoid trying to outshine each other by providing a better holiday. Some parents procrastinate because drafting parenting plans seem daunting, but help is available. An experienced Washington family law attorney can provide valuable guidance, and if parents find it difficult to agree, the lawyer can arrange for a mediator to provide a platform that might ease communication and lead to a workable parenting plan.

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