Do You Need a Divorce Counselor?

Divorce counseling can help Washington couples decide if they should end their marriage. You could also receive divorce counseling to help yourself heal and move forward into a happier life. Ending a marriage is a painful experience for many people, even if they know it’s what’s best for them. State law doesn’t require that you see a counselor, but it could be the right decision for you.

Contemplating Divorce

If you’re having trouble deciding on whether to divorce, you may find it helpful to see this type of counselor. Some marriages are salvageable with counseling. You could have a communication problem that just requires more knowledge on how to effectively communicate. In other situations, the two are really so different that a relationship can’t work between them. A professional could help both of you sort out what’s going on, what your values are and how compatible you are.

Negotiating Terms of the Divorce

They may be able to help you understand Washington’s divorce laws and how to come to decisions on the key issues you face during a divorce, such as child custody and property division. Having a trained third-party facilitate your negotiations could prevent and minimize fights with your spouse. Your divorce counselor could also teach you and your spouse techniques for controlling your emotions and calming down faster.

It’s normal for emotions to run high during a divorce, but there are psychological strategies for maintaining your composure and releasing the stress in a healthy way. You wouldn’t want to turn to dangerous, unhealthy ways of coping like drinking alcohol, doing other drugs, or distracting yourself with another form of addiction.

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