A Matter of Credit and Debit Card Fraud

Washington state residents and visitors might need to check their credit and debit cards carefully. Thieves could steal the cards and use them to make purchases or cash advances. Preventing theft may be better than dealing with credit card companies and filing unauthorized use claims.

Basic Points About Credit and Debit Card Fraud

Credit card theft could involve someone taking the physical card, a common result when a wallet gets stolen. Someone may lose a wallet, and the person retrieving it could then steal the money inside and use the card to make unauthorized purchases.

Credit and debit cards could get stolen from desk drawers at home or work. When placing these cards in an unlocked drawer might be a mistake.

Be aware that credit and debit card theft and fraud could involve hacking. When someone gains access to an online account, they may steal the credit/debit card numbers and other personal details. Unauthorized charges and transfers might follow, as may criminal charges against the hacker.

Facing Charges of Fraud

Anyone accused of credit or debit card fraud in Washington might need to mount a strong criminal defense strategy. False accusations happen, and innocent persons may face blame. Sometimes, hackers go through third-party computers, which might leave the person dealing with a stressful criminal investigation.

False accusations driven by personal grudges and animosity could happen. The cardholder may permit another person to use a card only to levy false charges of theft and fraud later.

Using another person’s card by accident could get someone into trouble. Straightening such a situation out could involve responding to law enforcement investigators. Perhaps invoking the right to remain silent and allowing counsel to deal with the investigators may be advisable.

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