Personal Injury: Investigation Into Crane Collapse Ongoing

In late April, a crane collapsed in Seattle. Occupational Health and Safety authorities in Washington say the company that provided qualified crane operators were found not to have played a role in the tragedy that might still lead to personal injury or wrongful death lawsuits. Four other companies are still under investigation.

TheĀ collapsing crane fell onto the roadway, damaging six vehicles. Two people who were occupants of cars lost their lives, but it is not known how many others were injured. Two ironworkers who were working in the crane when it collapsed also suffered fatal injuries in this incident.

Reportedly, the crane was due to be dismantled when it collapsed. Some experts in the field say that shortcuts were taken to speed up the dismantling process by the premature removal of bolts that held the structure together. While the surviving family members of the workers who died will be eligible for death benefits through the state-regulated workers’ compensation system, the families of the two-vehicle occupants will have to pursue damage recovery through the civil justice system of Washington state.

For a wrongful death lawsuit to be successful, negligence must be established. This might be a task best left in the hands of an experienced personal injury attorney. The lawyer can also determine whom to name as defendants, and assist with the documentation of claims for economic and noneconomic losses to present to the court for adjudication. Along with the expenses related to end-of-life expenses, the claims could include loss of income, loss of companionship, and other damages allowed under applicable state laws.

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