Social Security Disability Insurance Is a Complicated Issue

People in Washington state who suffered debilitating injuries or illnesses that are not work-related will likely need financial assistance. They might be eligible for Social Security Disability Benefits but unsure of how to go about registering and filing claims. Several aspects of Social Security disability depends on state laws, the type of injury or disease, and its cause.

Social Security coverage can be private or provided by an employer or the state, and it can be short or long-term. Short-term coverage typically pays benefits for a period of three to six months, while long-term benefits might be paid for the duration of the disability. It might also provide assistance to return to work after recovery. Another variable is the level of payment, with disability providers paying full or partial compensation for lost wages.

Some advisers suggest workers who can afford it should obtain private disability insurance along with state-provided Social Security Disability Insurance. Private insurance might offer more comprehensive coverage. Instead of only covering off-work injuries and illnesses, private insurance would likely provide benefits regardless of whether the disability is work-related or not.

An experienced Social Security disability attorney can be a valuable source of support and guidance to anyone in Washington state who needs financial assistance due to a debilitating injury or illness. A lawyer can answer all the questions and explain the system, eligibility requirements and other aspects. Many Social Security Disability Insurance claims are initially declined because they are not filed in time or the system does not cover the injury or illness. This is where the skills of legal counsel can be invaluable to help secure applicable benefits.

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