Can You Join the Navy With a Misdemeanor?

Many young Washington residents aspire to join the Navy. However, you might wonder if you can do that if you have a misdemeanor.

Joining the Navy With a Misdemeanor in Your Past

If you had a criminal juvenile background and were charged with a misdemeanor, you must still disclose that information if you are trying to enlist with the Navy. Even if your record was expunged, you must mention it in your application.

What Is a Misdemeanor Waiver?

While you could be turned down from enlisting in the Navy with a misdemeanor in your past, you could also be approved. Certain offenses are often overlooked, especially if you only have a single misdemeanor.

The Navy considers granting waivers to applicants who want to join based on the type of misdemeanor they have committed. Type A crimes are minor traffic violations. You might have to get a waiver if you have six or more violations.

Type B offenses are minor misdemeanors, including disturbing the peace and being drunk in public. You would not need a waiver to enlist in the Navy with one of these crimes in your past unless you were arrested three or more times for them.

Some misdemeanors are not considered minor. Type C crimes like non-felony DUI, criminal trespass, or possession of marijuana fall under this category and are more serious. If you want to join the Navy, you must get a waiver. However, you may not be granted a waiver or accepted to join the Navy if you have multiple arrests for these offenses.

Certain misdemeanors can automatically disqualify a person from enlisting in the Navy or any other military branch.

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