A DUI's Far-Reaching Effects

No matter how short a drive you have after a night of drinking, you have to be aware of the long-term consequences of a Washington DUI. Let us say you drive to a bar about 10 minutes from your Washington residence. You enjoy a few drinks and a couple of shots with your friends before heading home. You feel a bit tipsy but fine enough to drive the short distance home. Before getting behind the wheel, educate yourself on the long-term effects of a short, tipsy drive home if police pull you over and you get a DUI.

Difficulty Making a Living

While you may live close to your favorite bar, you could live several miles from where you work. You may have your driver’s license revoked as a result of your DUI. That means you may have a hard time getting to work and making a living. Something as simple as going to the grocery store can take more time and money than you realize without a valid license. Also, you need to work to make money to pay for groceries. See how a license suspension can trigger a downward spiral?

Trouble Securing Housing

You get a DUI and keep your license, but your criminal infraction shows up on background checks. Landlords may decide not to rent to you if they consider you a risk. You could have all the money you need for a deposit and the first month’s rent, but landlords like to think about your ongoing ability to pay rent and remain a good tenant.

Immediate Job Loss

Depending on your company’s employee handbook or code of conduct, you could lose your position immediately after receiving a DIU. Sure, you may think you can keep it hidden from your employer, but do you really want to put yourself through the ongoing anxiety and stress that come with knowing you have done something that is immediate grounds for termination?

Loss of Insurance

You keep your license and job after a DUI, but you may lose your auto insurance carrier. Like landlords, insurance companies do not like to take on more risk than necessary. Anyone who drives recklessly enough to receive a DUI can certainly be considered a risk. Even if your current carrier decides to keep providing you with coverage, your premiums could shoot well out of your financial grasp.

Loss of Your Professional License

Do you need a license for your profession? If so, you could lose your license if hit with a DUI. Lawyers, plumbers, doctors, nurses, and the like go through many years of school to earn and maintain their license. Do not let all your hard work and dedication swirl down the drain along with your license and your job.

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