Personal Injury Lawsuit Could Follow Plastic Surgery Catastrophe

With the many reports about plastic surgery that went wrong, people in Spokane and other cities in Washington state might think twice before undergoing cosmetic surgery. Even procedures that are typically safe could lead to patients suffering personal injury. Any negligence by the medical staff or the plastic surgeon could have devastating consequences.

In cases that involve errors such as scarring, implant malfunctions, wrong-site surgeries or nerve damage, the patient might have grounds to file a medical malpractice lawsuit. However, in most cases, the monetary compensation covers only the expenses incurred due to the injury, including income loss and potential medical costs in the future. That does not necessarily mean that the court will not consider the extent of the injury, and the emotional damage caused by visible scarring.

For such a lawsuit to be successful, the plaintiff must prove that there was a breach of the surgeon’s professional duty of care. The court will need evidence that the surgeon or the medical staff provided care that fell below reasonable standards. The process of establishing such negligence is typically challenging, and it involves complex medical reports and more.

In most cases in Washington, victims of negligent plastic surgeons seek the support and guidance of a personal injury attorney who has experience in dealing with medical malpractice lawsuits. Legal counsel can arrange for experts to testify and explain the intricacies of the medical reports. With skilled support and guidance, the plaintiff has increased chances of receiving a monetary award to cover economic and noneconomic damages.

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