Nightclub Owner Faces Criminal Charges After Undercover Operation

Following the closure of a nightclub in Washington last August, Seattle police continued an investigation that led to the recent arrest of the owner of the establishment. The criminal charges that were filed against the owner include conspiracy. The allegations are based on evidence found by the Homeland Security Investigations drug task force during an undercover operation.

Agents and investigators allege that the defendant supplied significant amounts of drugs that included cocaine, MDMA, GHB, methamphetamine, and other drugs to dealers, who would then provide them to patrons. It was further alleged that they were instructed on the methods to use to administer date rape drugs to women in the club. The closure of the club in August followed the execution of search warrants at various locations, during which large amounts of multiple types of drugs were seized along two firearms and over $60,000 in cash

According to a report by the Seattle Police Department, the investigations have led to the arrest of 12 people so far. The report notes that investigators identified the 37-year-old nightclub owner as the primary suspect. He was arrested along with two others, ages 36 and 49, who are alleged accomplices. They will also face conspiracy charges among other drug-related charges.

Whenever anyone in Washington state faces criminal charges, he or she will remain innocent in the eyes of the law until, and if, the prosecution can prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. For that reason, the skills of an experienced criminal defense attorney can be an invaluable asset. A lawyer can build a strong defense, based on existing evidence and possibly an independent investigation, in a quest to achieve the most favorable outcome for the client.

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