Drowsy Driving Can Result in Severe Personal Injury

Drowsy driving is a significant problem. Washington State Patrol expressed concern over potential crashes and personal injury when more motorists take to the highways and rural roads as the weather improves. A WSP trooper warned that drowsy and fatigued drivers are just as dangerous as drivers who are under the influence of alcohol.

Reportedly, two crashes recently occurred on Interstate 182 within 12 hours, only six miles apart. The accidents happened on a recent Tuesday. In the first incident, an out-of-state driver reportedly dozed off, causing his vehicle to cross over the center line. A big rig struck his car. Just 12 hours later, a vehicle rolled over after leaving the roadway when the driver fell asleep.

Both drivers survived, thanks to first responders. WSP says most drowsy-driving crashes happen in the late afternoon and the early morning hours. It is recommended that drivers be well-rested before tackling long drives. Drowsy driving accidents often involve drivers who are alone in their vehicles, without passengers whose conversations might keep them alert.

Drowsy drivers create hazards for other road users because their vehicles could drift into oncoming traffic, often leading to tragic circumstances. Victims of such crashes might have grounds to seek recovery of damages. Proving that the other driver fell asleep behind the wheel could be challenging without the help of an experienced personal injury attorney. A lawyer can work on establishing negligence, and advocate for the plaintiff in a Washington civil court in pursuit of a monetary judgment to cover economic and noneconomic losses.

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