Medical Devices Can Trigger Malpractice Claims

Sometimes it isn’t a doctor or other medical professional’s error that causes harm to a patient. In some cases, a defective medical device can have catastrophic consequences.

Washington man dies after use of recalled medical device

Act Quickly If You Suspect Malpractice

There are time limits for how long you can wait before filing a medical malpractice lawsuit. An attorney can evaluate your situation and determine if you have a case.

Understanding Washington’s medical malpractice laws

Precautions May Reduce Equipment Error In Surgery

Studies show that many medical malpractice incidents are the result of malfunctioning or unavailable medical devices, both inside the operating room and out.

Study finds that one in four surgical errors relate to equipment issues

Unthinkable Surgical Mistakes Happen More Often Than You Think

If you’re injured by a surgeon who makes an obvious mistake–such as leaving equipment in your body or performing the wrong operation—unfortunately, you are not alone, and you likely have a medical malpractice case.

Never say never: thousands of surgical “never events” each year

Surfing The Web Is The Latest Form Of Distracted Driving

Drivers who get online behind the wheel risk the same catastrophic consequences as those who text while driving.

“Webbing” while driving: the new distracted driving threat

People who face criminal charges may feel overwhelmed

Washington State prisons are filled with people who are serving time for crimes they have committed. Not all of the state’s prisoners, however, are guilty of committing a crime.

The shocking truth about eyewitness misidentification in WA