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DNA and criminal defense

When people think of DNA and crimes, they usually think about the ways in which it can be used to convict criminals. However, in recent years, it has been used to actually do the opposite: to prove the innocence of previously charged people. Proving the innocence of people that have been charged for crimes is known as exoneration.

Why would people be charged for a crime they did not commit?

Is possessing drug paraphernalia legal?

When a person or group is convicted of selling drugs, expressing an intent to sell drugs or manufacturing drugs, they do not have to be caught in the act. Usually, finding materials and equipment known as drug paraphernalia is enough evidence to prove guilt.

If a person is charged with activities relating to manufacturing or selling drugs, the consequences can be extremely serious, with very high fines and long prison sentences.

What are the laws in regard to juvenile curfews?

If a person is under the age of 18, there are certain rules that apply in regard to the age that they can be in a public building or establishment. These laws are designed to protect minors and are always in the interest of the children.

The laws usually are concerned with the time that the minor can be present in a public building or company. These times are often between 11:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m.

Found in the possession of a weapon? Here's what you should know

All citizens of the United States have a right to be able to own guns in order to protect themselves and their property. This is supported by the Second Amendment of the U.S. constitution. However, the dangers presented by guns are extreme, and regulations must be in place to control who owns them and where they can be carried. This is done to protect all citizens.

This blog will provide a brief overview into the federal laws that are in place in regard to guns and their possession, and what to do if you have been convicted of illegal gun possession.

What is the legal definition of giving consent?

Different states have slightly varying definitions of terms such as rape, sexual abuse and sexual assault. The exact definition of these terms can have very important consequences for the outcome of a charge. It could mean the difference between innocence and jail time. The legal role and definition of consent is similar. Understanding the legal definitions of consent can help you to understand the law and the implications of certain charges,

Different types of consent

Wrongly accused of assault: What are my defenses?

The circumstances surrounding an alleged battery or assault can be very complex and therefore, many facts can be contested. You may have been accused of assault and you think it was mistaken identity, or you may have been involved in an altercation that you do not think was a criminal offense. Perhaps you were protecting yourself.

This blog will provide a brief overview into some of the most successful defenses to be used when a person has been accused of battery or assault.

What is the law on identity theft?

Identity theft is a crime where somebody steals or wrongfully obtains another person's personal data in order to commit fraud or deception. This is usually for economic gain, but monetary benefit does not define the act.

This blog offers a brief overview into what identity theft is, and what consequences are likely if you are found guilty of committing identity theft.

Drug court might be a resolution for drug charges

There are many different types of drug charges that a person can face. In some cases, these charges are the result of a mistake or an addiction. When this occurs, there isn't any reason why the charge should ruin the rest of your life.

We know that facing any type of drug charge is a difficult journey. This is especially true if you are facing criminal charges and know that you need help with an addiction so that you won't keep turning toward drugs. By getting off drugs, you might be able to find a gainful job and move on with your life in a positive way.

Anti-drug operation nets 42 arrests in Seattle

Drug possession and sales can ruin lives and livelihoods, especially when charges result in harsh sentencing for accused offenders. Criminal activity involving narcotics in Washington state is receiving renewed attention from law enforcement that has landed more than three dozen in jail.

A month-long operation by the Seattle police netted 42 arrests of accused drug dealers. Law enforcement built cases against 60 suspects before the arrests, which include charges on possession of narcotics and intent to distribute.

Know the law on domestic violence

This blog acts as an introduction to how domestic violence is defined under the law, and what types of conduct can be classed as domestic violence. It will also go into what factors lawyers take into consideration when assessing a domestic violence case.

Defining domestic violence

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