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Social Security disability program could help financially

Accidents happen at any time, and so do debilitating illnesses. When this happens, the victim might be robbed of his or her ability to earn an income, which is most people's greatest asset. Thankfully, the Social Security Disability Insurance program assists by replacing a portion of the income of people in Washington state and elsewhere who are unable to go back to work. However, specific criteria must be met to be eligible for SSDI benefits.

Social Security Disability Insurance is a complicated issue

People in Washington state who suffered debilitating injuries or illnesses that are not work related will likely need financial assistance. They might be eligible for Social Security Disability Benefits but unsure of how to go about registering and filing claims. Several aspects of Social Security disability depends on state laws, the type of injury or disease, and its cause.

Can Social Security disability benefits eligibility be extended?

Those in Washington state who are ready to return to work after a period of disability might be unsure about their rights to remain eligible for benefits. This person will enter the Social Security Trial Work Period that will last for 60 months, during which time he or she must work for nine months -- not necessarily consecutive months. During this time, Social Security disability benefits will continue.

Social Security disability for severe medical conditions

People in Washington state who have severe health conditions that prevent them from returning to work might be overwhelmed by the daunting application process for disability benefits. Although the Social Security Administration says it is essential to process Social Security disability applications quickly, the process could take months, and a significant percentage of applications are initially denied. However, the SSA has a list of serious disabilities that get preference and the applications of people suffering from those conditions are fast-tracked.

How does Social Security Disability Insurance help?

Many workers in Washington state never experience heart conditions, arthritis, cancer, Type 2 diabetes, stroke or other chronic illnesses, medical crisis or debilitating injuries. However, Social Security Disability Insurance might be the only means of support for those whose medical conditions are work-disrupting. U.S. workers' payroll taxes secure SSDI coverage for contributors.

Social Security disability appeals process is challenging

Anyone in Washington who is no longer able to work because of an accident or illness might be desperate for financial assistance. While help is available through the Social Security Disability Insurance system, most applications are denied at the initial filing. To prevent fraudulent claims, the Social Security Administration has meticulous requirements and standards, and any applicants are free to tackle the long and complicated appeals process if their applications are denied.

How to earn work credits for Social Security Disability benefits

Workers in Washington who have suffered injuries or illnesses that left them unable to return to work will likely have significant financial concerns. They might also have questions about Social Security Disability and their eligibility for benefits. Individuals will be considered for benefits if they worked in occupations that are on the Social Security list of covered jobs, and their medical condition must meet the disability definition of the program. Furthermore, the disability must be permanent or of a nature that will prevent the return to work for at least one year.

What could cause the denial of Social Security Disability claims?

Anyone in Washington who suffers a severe injury or health problem will know what it is like to rely on insurance payments. When he or she cannot work for an extended period, Social Security Disability benefits might be the only income. Receiving benefits could make up approximately 70 percent of lost wages. However, it is not uncommon for benefits claims to be denied.

The challenges of obtaining Social Security disability approval

Workers in Washington who are unable to work due to a non-work-related injury or illness may rely on disability benefits to sustain their lives. Social Security Disability Insurance is a program that provides valuable financial assistance for predetermined periods. Although employers usually provide SSDI coverage, individuals can obtain private disability insurance, on its own or additional to an employer-provided program.

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