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Criminal defense might be crucial when cop drones are deployed

A recent report by the Franklin County Sheriff 's office indicates that two drones equipped with cameras were the newest members of the police force in southern Washington. The report says the cameras use thermal imaging to locate not only suspected criminals but also people who are lost or missing. However, there are legal restrictions as to when and where these drones may be used, and anyone who is arrested based on drone surveillance might need the services of a criminal defense attorney.

Nightclub owner faces criminal charges after undercover operation

Following the closure of a nightclub in Washington last August, Seattle police continued an investigation that led to the recent arrest of the owner of the establishment. The criminal charges that were filed against the owner include conspiracy. The allegations are based on evidence found by the Homeland Security Investigations drug task force during an undercover operation.

Alleged hit-and-run driver likely planning criminal defense

In Washington and other states, law enforcement is out in full force at this time of the year, especially on roads around clubs, bars and other places where alcohol is served. Almost everybody has something to celebrate as the end of the year approaches, and those who choose to drink and drive might just as soon have to consider their criminal defense options. A 36-year-old man was arrested and locked up after allegedly fleeing the scene of an accident.

Strong criminal defense required when evidence includes DNA

A 52-year-old Washington man was recently arrested and charged with a count of first-degree kidnapping. Reportedly this followed the results of DNA tests that indicated that this man was involved in the alleged attempted abduction of a teenage girl. With such evidence, any person accused of a felony will likely want to rely upon the services of an experienced criminal defense attorney.

Drugged driver faces criminal charges after stealing occupied car

Law enforcement in Spokane reported the arrest of a man who allegedly stole an occupied car on a recent Saturday morning. The man is facing multiple criminal charges after leading police on a high-speed chase. The incident started when a man and woman stopped at a Safeway store in Spokane.

Criminal charges follow drone surveillance of burglary suspect

Law enforcement personnel are utilizing the newest drone technology. A Washington man was recently arrested in an auto impound yard, and he is now facing criminal charges. Reportedly, Kelso Police was alerted by someone on a property nearby who reported a cut in the fence of the impound yard. Officers launched a drone that belongs to the office of the Cowlitz County Sheriff to investigate.

Criminal charges filed after attempts to steal a bait bike

Following multiple incidents of criminal activities in Spokane, reserve officers of the Spokane Police Department recently agreed to organize a sting in the affected area. This led to arrests and criminal charges filed against three people. Two of them already had warrants out for their arrest.

Facing drug charges? Strong criminal defense is essential

When anyone in Washington is charged with a crime, or even if he or she has reason to believe there is a criminal investigation underway, it is essential to act quickly. The ultimate outcome might depend largely on the quality and timeliness of a criminal defense. Securing legal counsel would likely have been the first thing 10 suspected methamphetamine traffickers did after their recent arrest.

Criminal charges: Woman pleads guilty to embezzling $300,000

When the financial challenges of life become overwhelming, some people nationwide, including in Washington, may resort to white collar crimes to resolve their issues. Many times, it starts with taking an insignificant amount of money that belongs to someone else with the intention to put it back. But when problems snowball, taking becomes easier, and replacing those funds grows impossible. Before they know it, the perpetrators face criminal charges and have to look for someone to handle their criminal defense

5 accused of wire fraud will likely seek strong criminal defense

Criminal charges can have severe consequences, even before the accused has the opportunity to be heard in court. However, a conviction can ruin anyone's life, and for that reason, securing experienced criminal defense can improve the chances of a suitable outcome. Five Washington men who are accused of being members of a fraud ring will likely rely on skilled legal counsel to preserve their legal rights.

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