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Personal injury: 3 airlifted after Highway 395 crash

The state of Washington is full of great fruit and vegetable produce, making slow-moving farm equipment on the highways a familiar sight. It is also not uncommon for impatient drivers of other vehicles to pass the large machines when it is unsafe. One such an accident recently caused personal injury to three people and sent them to the hospital.

Personal injury: What factors could constitute negligence?

Injured victims of car accidents in Washington might be unsure about the requirements for a viable civil lawsuit in pursuit of financial relief. Legal claims of personal injury that arise from incidents such as car accidents will only be viable if negligence can be established. If a negligent driver caused a crash, he or she could be held liable for financial and property damage. However, the injured party must prove that negligence was the proximate cause of the crash and of the plaintiff's injuries that resulted from it.

Personal injury claims might follow chain reaction crash

Construction zones in Washington will always be hazardous areas for the workers and the passing traffic. The slightest distraction of a driver can cause major crashes, and when there are big rigs in the picture, consequences could be catastrophic. Personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits following construction zone accidents are not unusual.

Negligent drivers in Spokane cause many personal injury claims

Based on a survey that was done by an online auto insurance platform, Spokane is fourth on the list of top five United States cities with the worst vehicle drivers. From this, one might deduct that the civil justice system in Spokane deals with its fair share of personal injury lawsuits. Over a million consumers nationwide responded to questions related to driving incidents since 2011 in which they were at fault.

Personal injury: Husband and wife die when struck by DUI driver

A husband and wife recently died after a vehicle that was allegedly driven by a drunk driver struck them. Every year, thousands of personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits are filed in Washington civil courts against intoxicated drivers. Those who lose loved ones in such accidents might seek financial relief, but their psychological trauma may never be relieved.

Personal injury: Can asphyxia follow medical negligence?

Most parents in Washington will do whatever is possible to protect their children from harm. However, there are circumstances under which they cannot prevent personal injury. It could happen around the time of the baby's birth. An event called birth asphyxia can occur when the oxygen supply to the baby is insufficient before or during the birth process, or immediately after birth. The longer the child was deprived of oxygen and length of time it took to administer treatment will determine the severity of the damage suffered by the baby.

Personal injury at rental property might be grounds for lawsuit

Tenants in Washington who suffer injuries on their rental properties might have questions about the property owner's liability. While a landlord must provide rental properties that are reasonably safe, they might not be responsible for all instances of personal injury. There will always be some conditions that are controlled by tenants, and if any of those cause injuries to a visitor to the property, the property owner and tenant might be jointly liable.

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