Your involvement as a parent and desistance

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No Washington parent wants their son to break the law. But if you are the mother of a juvenile offender, your involvement can make a big difference in his recovery.

The justice system cannot do all the work

If your child has recently committed an offense, you may think that they may not re-offend after going trough the justice system. But your involvement in the legal process can make a bigger impact. These are some matters that are often overlooked by parents:

  • Getting involved in the legal process is like helping with homework.
  • Not everything is under a juvenile’s control.
  • Boys are more likely to re-offend when their mothers do not participate.

It is not irrational to trust the justice system. But as a parent or a guardian, you can get involved in your child’s legal process. It is like getting involved in your son’s academic activities. However, it also means learning about the juvenile justice system.

Unfortunately, there are, for instance, fees involved. Your son may also not have the means of transportation necessary to attend court hearings and other important matters. There is also the aspect of emotional support. Thus, the pathway to desistance can be achieved sooner with your companionship and involvement.

According to researchers, teenagers are more likely to re-offend within a year, after their first arrest, when their parents are not involved. Furthermore, these parents also showed a lack of understanding of the juvenile justice system when they took a test. And they were only able to answer 66% of the questions.

Further considerations

The road to desistance is not easy. Nonetheless, there are resources available and professionals that can educate you on this challenging process. Now it is the time to get involved.