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Criminal charges: Woman pleads guilty to embezzling $300,000

When the financial challenges of life become overwhelming, some people nationwide, including in Washington, may resort to white collar crimes to resolve their issues. Many times, it starts with taking an insignificant amount of money that belongs to someone else with the intention to put it back. But when problems snowball, taking becomes easier, and replacing those funds grows impossible. Before they know it, the perpetrators face criminal charges and have to look for someone to handle their criminal defense

Personal injury: Can asphyxia follow medical negligence?

Most parents in Washington will do whatever is possible to protect their children from harm. However, there are circumstances under which they cannot prevent personal injury. It could happen around the time of the baby's birth. An event called birth asphyxia can occur when the oxygen supply to the baby is insufficient before or during the birth process, or immediately after birth. The longer the child was deprived of oxygen and length of time it took to administer treatment will determine the severity of the damage suffered by the baby.

My Social Security Disability was denied. Am I out of luck?

Putting together an application for Social Security Disability is difficult. You have to present medical records, work history, lab results, doctors’ statements, tax information and all sorts of other documents. It’s exhausting. Your disability may so obviously prevent you from working that it never occurs to you that they might deny your application.

5 accused of wire fraud will likely seek strong criminal defense

Criminal charges can have severe consequences, even before the accused has the opportunity to be heard in court. However, a conviction can ruin anyone's life, and for that reason, securing experienced criminal defense can improve the chances of a suitable outcome. Five Washington men who are accused of being members of a fraud ring will likely rely on skilled legal counsel to preserve their legal rights.

Personal injury at rental property might be grounds for lawsuit

Tenants in Washington who suffer injuries on their rental properties might have questions about the property owner's liability. While a landlord must provide rental properties that are reasonably safe, they might not be responsible for all instances of personal injury. There will always be some conditions that are controlled by tenants, and if any of those cause injuries to a visitor to the property, the property owner and tenant might be jointly liable.

Who gets spousal support/alimony?

You and your former spouse may have just gotten divorced. You think about it often. What went wrong in your marriage, that made it end in divorce? Now you may be wondering what happens after the divorce? Are you entitled to spousal support or alimony from your former spouse?

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