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Shoplifting charges in the State of Washington

When a person is accused of shoplifting, it means that he or she is being accused of taking commercial property without permission, and without the intent to return it. Many commercial stores and malls are equipped with video cameras that enable successful charges to be made. However, in other situations, a "he said, she said" scenario can occur, and it can be difficult to establish the turn of events.

Dealing with wrongful allegations

It is common for a former partner to make wrongful child abuse accusations against their ex, especially in child custody battles. Although it is illegal to make wrongful claims, it can be dangerous because it can be difficult for the courts to determine what is true. If you have been the victim of wrongful accusations, then you should take such charges very seriously and make sure to take action immediately.

DNA and criminal defense

When people think of DNA and crimes, they usually think about the ways in which it can be used to convict criminals. However, in recent years, it has been used to actually do the opposite: to prove the innocence of previously charged people. Proving the innocence of people that have been charged for crimes is known as exoneration.

Wrongly accused of assault: What are my defenses?

The circumstances surrounding an alleged battery or assault can be very complex and therefore, many facts can be contested. You may have been accused of assault and you think it was mistaken identity, or you may have been involved in an altercation that you do not think was a criminal offense. Perhaps you were protecting yourself.

A domestic violence call results in charges for drugs and weapons

A 48-year-old Spokane man was arrested on multiple felony counts Sunday, May 21, 2017 after police were dispatched to 500 West Sinto around 12:30 a.m. Police had originally received a phone call early that morning reporting that a couple were involved in a domestic dispute at an apartment complex. The caller expressed some concern that one of the individuals might have had either a knife or gun on them at the time.

Justice Dept. may order US Attorneys to choose harsher charges

When investigators come to a federal prosecutor with evidence of a crime, there are two ways the decision is made as to what charges, if any, should be filed. One is a grand jury proceeding, in which the prosecutor presents the facts and law to the grand jury and asks them to return an indictment. The other is a decision made directly by the prosecutor. In either situation, however, the prosecutor makes ethical and strategic decisions about what the appropriate charge would be, based on the evidence available.

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